** Male Pheromones Spray To Attract Women **

There is An Answer... Women Can't Resist the Male Pheromones

** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **


When you wear EXCITE MALE PHEROMONES SPRAY the opposite SEX will become sexually attracted to you...they won't understand why. It will arouse their sex glands, heighten their sensual responses to a higher pitch and awaken their appetite for you, the same as the smell of food awakens hunger. Every time you wear our EXCITE MALE PHEROMONES SPRAY it will send out a natural chemical signal of masculine sex to the opposite sex that will compel them towards you and make you attractive to them and they will not understand why they are so attracted.
** How To Meet Women **
In one scientific study pheromones were put through an 8 week double blind placebo-controlled scientific study. The results were incredible. Single men who were using the actual pheromones reported more looks from women, more romantic attention from Women and more SEX. Married men who were also using the product around their wives reported more weekly SEX. One married gentleman stated "She went from being never in the mood, to being in the mood almost every night !"

The standard definition of a pheromone is "a form of chemical communication between members of the same species." How pheromones work depends on what the end result of the communication is supposed to be, and what's doing the communicating.
The most recent research on pheromone communications between humans, reveals these natural chemicals elicit a specific response between each other, of which is unexplained.
Pheromones in mammals have been organized into the following types: primer, releaser and information. The primer pheromones can cause changes in the endocrine system of the animal receiving the chemical signal from its own species, usually of the opposite sex. For example, male mice can emit a pheromone to speed up the maturity of female mice, causing them to be reproductively ready in a shorter period of time. The releaser pheromone triggers reproductive behavior, generally indicating the fertility and readiness in the female. The information pheromone tells about the animal's identity such as how dominant it is, how healthy it is, and even it's last meal.

** Male Pheromones Spray **
** Excite Male Pheromones Attract Women **

Pheromones in people are more controversial. Most people universally believe that the attractiveness between the sexes is purely physical ie: physical attractiveness and appeal. Science has proven differently but has had a harder time verifying the actual pheromone chemicals and their function in humans. There have been some studies strongly hinting at female menstrual synchronization but isolation of the actual chemical process remains elusive. No so with the Male. There has also been great curiosity over the possibility of sex pheromone attractants for men and, through Worldwide research, the replicant of such human pheromones is now available. Pheromones have been isolated in humans, and have been shown in scientific studies to have an effect on a variety of human behaviors and hormonal processes. The effects of pheromones may be modulated by the sexual experience of the target and/or by the extent to which the target's VNO is still functional, but the fact is that a number of controlled human studies have shown that pheromones both natural and synthetic/supplemental do affect greatly our social behavior, and a growing mountain of raving pheromone product testimonials also support these findings. Now that chemical sexual attraction in people has been identified and synthesized, human dating and mating behavior has been forever changed.

** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **

It has been scientifically proven that people who produce higher than average amounts of pheromones have greater success with members of the opposite sex. Pheromones influence how often we have sex and with whom.

Ever notice that whenever you hug a woman, you can tell instantly if she's attracted to you? She'll pull you in, find that nook between your neck and shoulders and bury her face. She's nose-deep into getting as much from your scent as she can. Yes, she's grabbing a whiff, believe it or not, of your pheromones .

The biological appeal of sex pheromones is as universal as it is well known. Since the dawn of time, the natural pheromones that we all produce have been a reliable indicator of physical attractiveness.

Pheromones act as a "Secret Seducer"

The optimized pheromones in Excite Male Pheromones Spray are lab-certified pheromone formulations that have the optimum concentration of biologically active pheromones to help you become more seductive and desirable to women . Optimized pheromones can produce heightened female sexual responsiveness to a man. They also release neurotransmitters that can directly modify a woman's behavior, such as triggering sexual excitement .

** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **

** Male Pheromones Spray **

Sexually Attract Women To You

Anywhere, anytime the effect is unknown to you...And She Doesn't Know Why She feels the way she does about you...

" I had heard a lot about Pheromones, but had just scoffed at their effectiveness, that was until I tried Excite Love Cologne, now the attention I get from women is sometimes overwhelming."
Steven, MD USA ((more)

** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **

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