** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **  

What Customers Say

"I guess my biggest problem was my fear of rejection from Women. Just walking up to them scared me and most of the time I couldn't even say anything. I tried Excite, in desperation and figured what the heck...nothing happened the first time I used it, but when I started going out for a drink or to clubs, Wow..something was happening. First women, I mean good looking women would start looking at me, and then some even cam e up to me and started talking. Now I have a new found confidence and can walk straight up to any Woman and start talking. It's great." Mark - Rogersville, MO

"You never know when you try these things but I met a woman last night for the first time, see was all over me................ she was kissing me, touching me all the things we all want. She was "attracted" to me. We were walking across the parking lot to the MC, holding hands, kissing etc... she looked at me and said " I love the way you smell". Great night. good product.. IT WORKS...............BUY IT..." - Steve - Gold Coast, Australia

"...I still haven't told my fiance that I wear Excite Pheromones, 'cos she can't get enough of me, and I never thought a woman like her would fall for a guy like me, I mean she's absolutely beautiful and sexy and I'm very ordinary. I don't think I will ever tell her, but I will make sure I never run out of Excite..Thank You" - Peter D. MD, USA

"I had been out of work for ages since the Global Financial thing hit, and was really starting to give up and a mate told me about Pheromones, and I laughed and he said try them so I did. In fact, I wore Excite to the very next interview and guess what the Human Services Director was a hot woman, and she looked at me all through the interview like I was a juicy steak. Well I got the job, and if you saw me...you know I'm no juicy steak. Fancy that, I got a job 'cosa I smell sexy! " - David Epsom, UK

"I have now become a big fan of Maxman Ultimate erection capsules and Excite Pheromones, because the combination for a plain looking guy is phenomenal. I am 55 years of age and now all kinds of women are attracted to me and that's the Excite, and then because of Maxman Ultimate...I get the erection that they are looking for. What a combination...Hard and Fast! - Gerry - VA, USA

"How Will I Know If It's Working?"

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You Will Know!

"I still can't believe it, the second night I used Excite, I met a woman at a bar. I was just sitting having a drink and she sat next to me and started a conversation like we had known each other for years. She then said...would you like to go somewhere quiet and we got into her car and parked. Then she was all over me saying, I've never done anything like this before. Well you can imagine the rest. Now if I looked like Brad Pitt, I could understand it, but I guess I should just say Thank You to the Pheromones...what else could it be? Paul - San Mateo, CA, USA

"The worst thing about breaking up after a long relationship is you lose your confidence and it shows, because any club or bar you walk into, it's like you're invisible or something. As soon as I started using Excite Spray, I noticed a little change at first and so naturally I started to feel a bit more confident. Well now I am so full of myself, that I now know that if I go out pulling women..I will will be having sex that night!. I'm so horny now and loving it. Great Product - Life's Great! - Barry - Newcastle, UK

"I swear that stuff works!!! ... I was wearing it on New Years Eve, went out that night and I swear, it was Pheromone Spray!! Every woman in the joint was asking 'What are u wearing?'" - Bill, Ontario, CANADA

"When I asked a friend how come all the girls chase you and ignore me, he let me into his secret. So I just thought Pheromones?? Yeh Right! But he sprayed some on my shirt on our way out to go clubbing and I tell you, all of a sudden it was if I had thousand dollar bills pinned to my shirt, the girls were coming out from nowhere. I can thoroughly recommend your spray...it's f....g magic!! Bruce, Auckland - New Zealand.

"I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic spray! I can't believe how well it works. As soon as my first spray is gone, I'll be placing another order. The pheromones really work; I could tell a difference the first night I wore sit! The service was wonderful, and I really appreciate the prompt way my order was filled and delivered. Thanks again Excite " - Virgil N.Y. USA

"If you can imagine what it's like to always be the odd man out when you are trying to meet women, then you better do what I did. These Excite Cologne Pheromones pull the chicks to me like you would not believe. This is my third order and I won't be running out of it either. I must be the most attractive UGLY guy around!" - Freddy - Sydney, Australia

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** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **

** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **

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