** Male Pheromones Spray **

Some Of The Questions Received From You.

Q: If I attract a Women and we become close, will she no longer be interested if I no longer use the Excite?

A: That's a very good question! The best way to answer that is either 1) Don't take the Risk or 2) Trial and Error - in other words see if she is still as passionate with you, without the pheromones.

Q: Are there any dangers to my health by using Pheromones?

A: Excite Pheromone Spray is as safe as using any after shave, cologne or deodorant. We are sure you don't mean, Will you get pack - raped by frenzied women! (Of course if that happens, please send in your comments to us)

Q: Will ALL women be attracted to me by Excite Pheromones?

A: Male Pheromones are attractive to Women, the same way as Female Pheromones are attracted to most Men...but there are always exceptions to the rule, especially when the "target" is of a different sexual orientation - Gay etc. Pheromones are not an exact science, therefore you will first notice an increase in your attractiveness to Women you are in close proximity too. Especially those you approach and strike up a conversation with. Those that are exposed to the Pheromones will seem unusually interested.

Q: Why is your product more expensive than others?

A: We are sure you don't call BMW, LEXUS and MERCEDEZ BENZ and ask why are their vehicles more expensive than General Motors! Quite simply, we use the very best ingredients in our products, most of which are not included in the 'would-be' pheromone oils and sprays, the formula of which has been kept secret since its discovery.

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Q: What are the ingredients of Excite?

A: Whilst we cannot give out the actual formula, (to avoid would-be competitors benefitting), we can advise the Main Components: Metamorphic Alcohol, Pheromone Compound ST-14TD, Pure Water, FragrancePEG-40H Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

Q: Is a shorter delivery time available?

A: We do offer an International Express delivery if specifically requested, but we do not promote this service as it would cost about the same as a Spray of Excite and we feel that once a customer has purchased their first one at a they will 1) want to order again and 2) be able to assess how much to buy and how much in advance.

Q: Will your Pheromones counteract my natural pheromones?

A: Each individual has a different and unique acidity in their individual bodies and therefore each after shave will have a different frangrance on different people. However, if you are happy with the attractiveness your own pheromones have with women, then you would either not need the effect of Excite or use it because you are greedy.

Q: Does your product have a smell?

A: Yes, it does have a subtle fragrance but not so much as to detract from a regular after shave or cologne you may use at the same time. The subtle fragrance of the cologne, is lemon and sandalwood which changes according to temperature, body acidity, environment and body temperature.

Q: Does your product come in different fragrances?

A: No, but this is the one that attracts women. You certainly won't need to worry about different frangrances once you have felt the effectiveness of Excite Love Parfum.

** Male Pheromones Spray to Attract Women **