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Q: I have heard that some ED Pills are mde in China and India, where is Maxman Ultimate made?

A: We are All-American and proudly, so is our product.. made in Missouri, USA. It is true Communist China manufacturers make clones of our product, and who knows what they put into their capsules..in fact they even use our brand name, but you can always tell by our Packet which is displayed on every page of our website as a background (Look for the Man with the Silver Hair with the Attractive Blonde Woman). Make Sure You Always Buy USA for safety sake.

Q: I don't really have Erectile Dysfunction and am only 36 years old but my erections are not as hard as they used to be and they don't seem to last very long. Also, if I use a condom, my erection almost instantly disappears...can your product help me?

A: We are sorry to inform you but Yes, you do suffer from E.D. but don't worry you are not alone as just about every man will suffer some form of erectile difficulties during his life. Not being able to maintain really hard erections for long periods of time is commonplace for millions of men. The ingredients within MAXMAN UltiMATE not only increase the blood flow to the penis but they actually keep the blood gorged there ensuring your erections are harder, thicker and are maintained for as long as necessary. The additional great news is there are none of the horrendous side effects that you get from the "little blue pills". Safe and reliable...just wait until you see women's reaction to the new you.

Q: My husband does not get as hard as he used to when we got married. He's not old but his erections are not as thick and hard anymore, so I have to now 'fake it' and I hate doing that. How do I get him to take MAXMAN UltiMATE without him knowing that I am not happy.

A: Needless to say, we have literally thousands of wives and girlfriends as regular customers, but of course, we cannot give advice in how to secretly give your husband MAXMAN UltiMATE. We have heard the most successful method is to approach your husband when they arrive and say "Did you order these?" and "Let's try them...it might be fun!" Once he sees the difference and sees your delight...you will never have to suggest them again...he will be a regular customer.

Q: I am 73 years old, in good health. What I want to know is, should I take a pill every day or just when I need an erection?. Will taking more than one pill to have good sex, be putting myself in any danger? And I do want to add 2 to 3 inches to my Penis.

A: With herbal based formulas there is no exact science when it comes to dosage as each individual's circumstances vary. Generally the usual dosage is to take one to two capsules 45 - 60 minutes prior to intimacy. Prolonged use will add to the length and girth of the penis, and this is very noticeable when the penis is flaccid as well, however 2 to 3 inches may be a bit of a stretch!  Our best way of advising you is to gauge other men with similar age (73) and health and in most cases a single capsule is taken each morning and if an extra powerful session is required in the evening, take an extra capsule. Regarding your question whether the use of such herbal medication is putting you in danger, NO... the herbs are certainly not dangerous, the only way you might harm yourself is making love for long periods of time (hours) and over-exerting yourself.

Q: Why don't you have Free Trial Offers like some other ED businesses?

A: Quite simply, the so-called "Free Offers" that you see on sites as you have mentioned are tricks to get your Credit Card signed up for regular charges every two weeks, even if you don't like their products. This practice is called "Auto-Bill", and is a scam. We are a reputable company and do not trick our customers, you simply order what you want, when you want - It is your choice and your choice only

Q. What is the difference between MAXMAN III and MAXMAN UltiMATE?
A. MAXMAN III was our original product and because of its success scores of unscrupulous businesses from China and India even the USA started using our brand name because of our popularity and success. It was too expensive for us to legally hold these companies to account and so we release a new and improved version - MAXMAN UltiMATE which is more potent. The bad aspect of these phony MAXMAN III products is they contain Sildenifil and Taladafil and are not 100% herbal. They do not tell the unsuspecting new customers and if they take too many or have heart problems, the result could be terrible. Quite simply, you can now trust the more effective erectile dysfunction brand MAXMAN UltiMATE.
Q. Is there a Stronger or More Potent Erection Pill from Maxman?
A. There is, it has just been released and it is 27% more potent that Maxman Ultimate & Maxman Tens you can find the new product here: Maxman Ultimate PLUS

Q: My boyfriend seems to be having problems with his erections. We have been going together for around eight months and at first everything was fine, but then his erections were soft and he said it was because he was tired and then he said it was because he had been drinking too much, but it seems like ages since he was really hard, and sometimes I can hardly feel him inside now. Can MAXMAN help him or should he get some surgery done?

A: It doesn't sound like it is too big a problem and this is why MAXMAN UltiMATE capsules can help. A lot of men of all ages suffer temporary erection problems and just need an extra boost to make them really hard and thick again. MAXMAN will do that and there will be no side effects, except if he uses MAXMAN UltiMATE for long periods his penis will get longer and wider, but most women don't mind this.

Q: I am 57 years old and have been an insulin dependent diabetic since I was 22. I have been totally impotent for 15 years or more. Has this product worked for men like me?

A: We can confirm the manufacturer affirms those suffering from Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2 are ok to use.

Q:   I would like to try your ED product. However I could not find what the ingredients are at your website.  I am very careful with what I ingest.  Please give me a list of the ingredients you have in MAXMAN UltiMATE.

A: We list here the main ingredients: Epimedium Saggitatum, Saw Palmetto, Guarana Extract, Ginseng Blend ( korean / siberian ) Avena Sateva, Niacin , Macuna Pruriens, L-Taurine, L-Arginine, Muira Puama, Rhodila Rosea, Polypodium Vulgare and Maca however we cannot provide you with quantities nor a complete list of all herbs as our competitors would love to get the actual formula of MAXMAN UltiMATE as their products are quite frankly "hit and miss". Just like KFC we protect our secret herbs recipe...but they are all obvioulsy very safe to take, unless you are suffering from some major health condition.

Q: I don't like putting my card number on line. Is there a phone number I can use. Thanks!
A: ...because we operate an International Service we do not offer a telephone ordering line due to the many international time zones. As to using your credit card on line, we have chosen Paypal because they are the most secure credit card gateway on the internet, (they are owned by Ebay) and you can use your credit card without opening a Paypal account.

Q: I am 39 years old and have a problem with premature ejaculation lasting about 3 minutes. I don't want to take viagara as my medical practitioner advises, and those patches and cremes don't work. Do you take MAXMAN UltiMATE pills before sex or is it daily. Also how long before they work.

A: ... with herbal pills they vary for each individual user based on their personal circumstances. Our advice is to take a single pill with warm water around 45 minutes before intimacy. In my personal case, I am 61 years young, I take a single pill every morning and then around 45 minutes before sex I take either one or two capsules, depending on whether my wife is demanding a marathon session. The advantage of the daily pill is the size increase from prolonged use, but that's for my personal ego...and yes, they do that as well. As for premature ejaculation, you will certainly notice the difference with MAXMAN UltiMATE as P.E. will be a thing of the past for you.

Q: Does your product come in a discreet package
A: Yes discretion is very important with a product like ours, consequently we now remove the capsules from their Box and fold it flat. We then place them inside an ordinary padded envelope so that we maintain your privacy. Even the yellow capsules are in a plain unmarked blister pack.

Q: I am a 65 year old with high blood pressure and some heart-related problems, can I still use your product.
A: Whilst there is no supporting evidence to advise against taking the product with your condition, we suggest that you consult your doctor to ensure your condition will not be adversely affected. In any case, we suggest commonsense be used in all such decisions.

Q: Why do you not recommend your product for people over the age of 75?.
A: Please note it is a recommendation only..quite simply we want customers and potential customers to understand that once they can gain an erection again, they will want to have sexual intercourse and without the necessary fitness level, one could over-exert themselves and cause themself some harm. Ultimately, the decision is up to the individual, however we do ask that customers without the necessary stamina and fitness take it easy until they are aware of their capabilities!




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